This week’s guest art unlike the others is a new friend of ours — I met SP just last month at Chicago Comic Con and he immediately won me over with two things: awesome girl characters and yaoi fan comics that hit just a little too close to home in all the best ways. After parting ways and checking out each other’s comics we immediately wanted to do an art swap. 😀 is a fantastic read and pushes all of my art-faggy buttons. I love SP’s drawing style, especially his curvy girls — but that might be a personal weakness. Personally, I appreciate how well SP balances serious and humorous material without  going too far in either direction. The result is a fun comic about music, fandom and life that provides both a laugh and a thoughtful smile. Also, did I mention lesbians? There’s lesbians.  If you’re not sold, get out.

We should have one or two more guest spots in the next week, but either way we’re back on with Chapter 2 starting the 28th! And this Saturday I’ll be at Anime St. George and then probably sending photos to Twitter as I road trip my way up Utah to visit family. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m really looking forward to 12 hours of desert and audio books.