Amid a flurry of activity and travel, chapter 2 begins — as does the REAL fun. I hadn’t realized just how conservative chapter 1 has been until I started laying out the pages for chapter 2. Teehee.

Not much is going on with us right now except for working our butts of to get this book out next month! Anime St. George was AWESOME this last weekend, I had a great time meeting everyone out here! It was easily the smallest con we’ve ever been to but was a great experience nonetheless. Really looking forward to seeing that one grow! A lot of you folks out there wanted to know if we’ll do other cons in Utah — sadly, Anime Banzai falls on the weekend of New York Comic Con or we would totally go. But we’re going to look into Fannatiku in St. George for next year and maybe we’ll be able to make it out for that one. Thanks for the support, guys!

I’m up in Ogden visiting my family but tomorrow it’s back down south to Phoenix and Saboten. I’m gonna swing by Bryce Canyon on the way so maybe I’ll toss up some nature photos on the Twitter. 😀