FINALLY HOME. MY GOD. Three weeks on the road with two days home was a bit much for me. We’ve got artist friends that go for weeks at a time but they’re not addicted to kittens and sunshine. (Aka, our house in San Diego.) Sorry for the… week and a half break. Between New York and JD’s midterms, we were busy with shiny angry people and academic art torture.

New York Anime Fest was an experience. It was a lot of fun and a great con but with Anime Fest taking a backseat to the Comic Con, we anime fans were kept in the basement like inbred mutant cousins. We heard that on the FIRST DAY there was a fist fight between an anime fan and a comic book fan. WHAT’S THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL ON GRAPHIC NOVEL CRAP? Do we not all love picture books? Do we not all enjoy gratuitous breasts? Can we not all agree that most of Joss Whedon’s work is pretty good?

Seriously, you guys. You guys, seriously.