Much like the comic itself, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I did a decent blog update. Life is nothing if not interesting these days — November is booked solid through the weekends for us and while JD is staying home most of the time to work on school stuff and slogging through our TWO MONTH BACKLOG on commissions, I’ve been on the road every weekend from San Francisco to Kentucky. Meanwhile my immune system and skin are SCREAMING IN AGONY as I go from snow in KY to hot and dry in San Diego to thunderstorms in Austin, in combination with a secret second life sleeping in the recirculated delight of plane after plane. When I read ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ I took that shit seriously.

In comic related news, after a long and torturous process we finally got Magically Ill to the press and in our hands and then FINALLY SENT OUT!!! Thank you all so much who preodered the comic to help us get this whole indy comic thing started. We only ended up running 50 books in the end and they’ve been trickling away from the table at cons since we got them — and now we’ve only got a handful left. You can still order chapter one in print online until we run out and with any luck we’ll be able to do another run at the end of the month. We will eventually be getting the full color version of the comic put up online but probably not until the end of November.

In the meantime, we’re DESPERATELY trying to keep up with everything we’ve got on our plates right now and get more pages done! >< Hopefully we'll have a new page in the next couple of days here. Thanks for your patience guys, please don't give up on us yet!!! Our next stop on the road is WISCONSIN where we have been honored to be invited as guests to a convention in Steven’s Point! At Daishocon, we’ll be hosting several panels about cosplay and artist alley and giving away a prize at the masquerade for some moola to spend at our booth or web site. We will also be hosting a special cosplay event — So You Think You Can Cosplay. Our contestants will be given supplies and two days to complete a costume under a theme that will be announced only AFTER they’ve picked out their materials. We’ll be giving out a copy of Shounen Fight, a few cift certificates for badges and prints and registration for next year’s Daishocon as prizes after the fashion showdown on Sunday. We’ll also have a booth at the con so if you’re in Wisconsin, come out to Daishocon!

After Daishocon we’ll be at Atlanta Wizard World Comic Con the weekend after Thanksgiving. After driving from SD to San Fran again and then out to Salt Lake City for my grandmother’s 80th birthday and then finally home again. Have I mentioned we’re traveling a lot? We’re also looking in to getting out to Ikkicon in Austin on New Year’s weekend — if you want to see us out there, send them a message!

And one final note in this SERIOUS BIZNESS blog post, a lot of folks have contacted us recently about new commissions, old commissions, badge orders, cons, etc, etc and I’m waaaay behind on our email so I apologize! I’m gonna try to catch up on my contacts when I get back to San Diego tomorrow, so once more thanks for your patience! See you on the road and as always, thanks for your support!