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  1. Astri


    So, Oliver is totally Jason, right?

    • DustyJack

      I think someone just got a new Halloween costume. 😀

  2. kagomechan

    HOW DOES OLIVER KNOW MIKE’S MEASUREMENTS??? Is that his special power? XD

  3. Failure-chan

    ouo you won’t mind if I take the time to doodle these things~?

    • DustyJack

      Hehehe, not at all! 😀 Just drop us a note to show it off if you do, won’t you?? ;3

    • DustyJack

      And thank you for reading! 😀

  4. Sarah Goldberg
    Sarah Goldberg

    Just read everything, and it’s awesome guys! Beautiful and- snort- special. Super excited for more, but I am slightly concerned with all the cons you two may, I dunno, DIE SOMETIME SOON. WHICH WOULD BE TRAGIC.

    Anyway though, love it. (Poor, poor, poor Yuki and Mike. Er. The others seem all for it. Lol)

  5. Whitney V.d.E
    Whitney V.d.E

    God, I love the colour usage in this comic. Just every page is an orgy of awesome.

  6. Dr. Saturn
    Dr. Saturn

    These are the kinds of panels I dream about. <w<

    Extra points for named attacks, by the way.

  7. Mea-chan

    Why am I suddenly TERRIFIED?

  8. Nakokun

    Now I can see a little of the “dangerous” Oliver. And I like it.

  9. Cory

    now i know. oliver’s hair looks like he’s from pokemon. 😀

  10. Pillamelai

    Oh, God, it’s only the beginning, and I already hate Raji. I’ve never understood why this kind of character is never stood up to, instead of being constantly sucked up to.
    Nonetheless, I’m loving the comic!

  11. ZaraLT

    Ahaha I’m loving this team already!

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