You may have seen in the past, us blogging about our adventures at the SD Zoo. We live about a mile from the zoo and have passes so we’re there pretty often. And now that we’re doing litterally NOTHING but sitting on our asses all day drawing and working on web sites, we’re trying to make it out there even more often – like three or four times a week. The zoo is built in a valley so it makes for a really nice bit of exercise to walk around for an hour or so. We were hoping to see the baby hippo that was born yesterday when we went today but alas, it was nursing and hidden. We DID however get to hear a charming story about camels and how, out of the pair that they have, the female is rather reluctant about their partnership, leading the male camel to attempting to SNEAK UP ON HER while she’s eating. So camel rape. Isn’t nature just goddamn magical?

Anyway, a couple of new things on the site. We added a little FAQ to our about page with some questions we’ve been getting pretty often. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like answered about the comic or ourselves!

The big project at the moment is that after a decent amount of interest, we’ve decided to do a second run of our first book. At the moment, we’re taking preorders and if you want one of these SEND IN YOUR PREORDER! Unless we get a ton more interest than we’re expecting, we’re ONLY printing 25 of these special editions and after that, we’ll only have the cheaper stapled comics. The special edition includes bonus art, concept sketches and peeks into our process. The book is $14, plus $2.50 shipping or you can pick it up at a convention to skip on that. 🙂

We’re also now participating in the ranking at If you’re not familiar with this site, it lets you vote for your favorite comics and as a thank you, you get a piece of bonus art after you vote. We’ll be doing a new bonus pic every couple of weeks and then a monthish after they get replaced, we’ll put them up on DeviantArt. To kick things off, JP will be doing a set of the boys as little kids – first up is Mike. To see the pic, just click the button!

With any luck we’ll have a new page up late tonight. UPDATING ON SCHEDULE!? Hell may have frozen over.