From now on, for Mike, every day is laundry day.

This comic has a very special guest appearance by HIPSTERSAURUS REX. Hipstersaurus was created by my little brother. When I say little, I mean 6’3” and 21 years old but whatever. For Christmas this last year, he made Hipstersaurus for JP and I. He is a foot-tall plushie.

It is quite possibly the best gift I’ve ever received and now lives on one of our bookshelves. We added glasses on the t-shirt so he would feel less naked.

I would like to make a disclaimer that we are not hipsters. Nor is Mike a hipster. But then again.

This weekend I’m in Kansas City, MO at Naka-Kon! All of you having a party at Katsucon can suck it cause this is gonna be AWESOME! 😛 Come see me in the exhibit hall if you’re at the con!