Well after TWO WEEKS of both of us being pathetic sickies, we’re finally on our way to an actual recovery. Today we walked a three whole blocks and were only reduced to sweaty coughing invalids afterwards without physically passing out on the way home from the grocery store! One of our recent background noise endeavors has been all six seasons of Supernatural which was a pretty disturbing experience toward the end of the apocalypse as plague hit the cast and TweetDeck boasting the fact that the entirety of my friends list has the same soul-consuming death that we’ve had. At least Facebook will provide us a sense of solidarity as the end of the world creeps up and squeezes life from our lungs.

CHAPTER THREE. Let me just kick off this chapter by saying there is NO EXCUSE FOR RAJI’S SHIRT. I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, gay or straight, if you own one of these plunging v-neck monstrosities BURN IT IMMEDIATELY. No one wants to see that much of your chest. NO ONE.

I’m working on getting the cover of our next book release colored and once that’s done we’ll be taking preorders again. Woohoo! Now back to coughing up my organs a little bit at a time.