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  1. Boop

    Ha ha, what?! W-where did that come from? <//////>
    Love this comic to itty-bitty pieces guys XD

    • JadePrince

      I have to say your comment made me laugh, not because of what you wrote but because we have a friend whose cat is named Boop and this makes me think about her cat as a yaoi fan, secretly reading this comic… ::cackles:: So, thank you for that. 😀

  2. N.J.AL

    Now every year, Fall will taste like bitchslap.

    Two teenagers going to the locker rooms to change. You know that’s a breeding ground for yaoi action right?

    • Resplendent

      You read my mind!

  3. Nakokun

    I know Yuki have something in him to be part of this group. Maybe his unnatural calm in every situation. Do all the boys have the same “format” of powers? P.e., shooting rays or similar trought hands.

    • William Day
      William Day

      Either they’ve all got elemental powers (I’m thinking fire for Summer, earth for Spring, wind for Autumn and water for Winter) or they’ll have some more specifically seasonal abilities. Summer had a laser blast thing goin’ on… Maybe he has powers that control/create/direct sunlight? Spring with plant manipulation, either Winter or Autumn with weather control…

      Also, Raji seems like kind of a scrawny guy. Is he strong enough to bowl someone over like that with with one slap, or does Autumn confer him a little extra get-up-and-go in the strength department?

      • Robert

        I was under the impression that Autumn was able to use Raji’s body to its full potential. Raji might not have been able to hit that hard, but his body is probably capable of it.

      • Carlos

        Do you think metal is apropriate for Autumn, since metal is associated with that season in chinese tradition via the White Tiger god?

        I think it would make a nice contrast. Summer has sunlight and fire, while Autumn has air and metal.

  4. Robert

    Oh. Wow. Um. I know there won’t actually be the aforementioned yaoi makeout scene, but that will not stop me from imagining it. *nods*

  5. Rumbleroar!!

    Rayrr ;D
    Haha maybe not, but one can hope…

  6. Ambush

    So……. Is this story going to be gay eventually or is just going to be girly men running around in pink cowboy boots after women? (Srs question. Is this going to be yaoi eventually? Because I assumed it would be but everyone seems to think there is going to be nothing gay going on in the bathroom.)

    • Robert

      Well, I believe they have stated that the comic is PG-13, so there wouldn’t be any hanky-panky going on on-screen. I also seem to recall them saying somewhere that Mike is straight…

      • DustyJack

        We’ve never outright said that but we’re not big on labels, either. 😉

        • Avhienda

          What is all of this focus on EVERYONE being gay/yaoi crap? If they want that so much, can’t they just go to yaoi haven or something? I love your comic the way it is!

  7. Ambush

    Oops, last comment can be ignored. I got the answer. >.>

    I really like this comic overall! It’s cuuuute. And I kinda hope EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them ends up to be gay. >.> And that something gay happens in that bathroom. Two naked guys in cramped quarters, one wet? Yes please.

  8. Neon

    Haha, I love how Spring and Winter are just watching with ‘we aren’t with them’ expressions.

  9. Tachi-Otako

    I happen to be a straight guy, and I might actually enjoy a little yaoi, especially crafted by the hands of Scuttlebutt, but maybe us the veiwers should merely be grateful for the story as it is? I am happy whatever happens, I don’t want to DEMAND some yaoi. Although, you know, if we keep prodding them I am sure they would share.. 😛

    Besides, they are the perfect age for not-gay male-male exploration. no lables!

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