You guys. You guys have NO IDEA how long we’ve been sitting on this stupidity while we waited to get around to Raji’s costume reveal.

As though Mike’s life weren’t hard enough, we had to go and turn him into a My Little Pony. It’s really the next logical step if you think about it. And yeah, we watch My Little Ponies. We were probably watching My Little Ponies when your mom was in high school! WE’RE NOT ASHAMED. In case you’re wondering about Mike’s cutie mark (YEAH WE KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED. NO SHAME.) it’s a calculator. He wants to be an accountant after all. Don’t think too hard about a pony using a bow and arrow or wearing human ladyshoes. And obviously their cutie marks turn in to their spirit’s symbol when they ‘transform’. WE HAVEN’T THOUGHT TOO HARD ABOUT THIS, SHUT UP.

Tomorrow is the first day of Kawaii Kon! We’ve been out in Honolulu since Tuesday and we’ll be here for a while after the con spending some time with JP’s parents and getting some much needed outside-time so sorry for the bit of hiatus. 🙁 JP is going to TRY to get a page done this weekend during the con so with any luck we’ll at least have something to post while we’re out here. Follow us on Twitter if you want to get occasional stupid vacation photos.