Dusty’s at Metrocon in Tampa and we sold out of regular MSF comics on the FIRST DAY D: Sorry to those of you who came by and we were out! We’re looking at doing another run of the normal comics and we’re working on getting together our FIRST REAL MERCHANDISE FOR MSF! We should have button sets that will be premiering at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. And we’ll have something special for you readers who come by the booth. We’ll keep you informed.

ALSO for those of you who ordered the special edition books we are SO SORRY it’s taken so frigging long for them to get to you. We finally got everything sorted out with the printer, got the books and JD has finished all the sketches. (What a task.) They’ll be in the mail MONDAY. Which is really pathetic since we’re coming close to the end of chapter 3 and we’ll be doing this whole song and dance over again. To keep you from lynching us, we posted a preview of a few of our favorite sketches on our tumblr!