We’ll be making a special addition to the booth at AX — we’ll be offering our first merchandise for Mahou Shounen Fight! We’ll be making two button sets, one of the MSF boys and one of the spirits. They’ll be $6 each or both for $10. We’ve got three of the designs done so far! Furthermore, we’ll have one very special mystery button. We’ll be making 100 of these and until we run out, we’ll be giving them out for free if you stop by the booth and tell us you’re reading the comic! We’ll also have print versions of chapters 1 and 2 and special edition books of #2 with extra content available.

We will be making one sad change to our booth after AX, though. AX will be the last convention we’ll be taking commissions. Our commission wait list has gotten back up to 6 months again and the backlog is keeping us from regularly updating our comic and creating new designs for the booth. So we’ve decided that AnimeExpo, next weekend July 1-4th will be the last day that we accept commissions for a long time/if ever again. You can still place an order until July 4th, though! Keep in mind that it WILL take six months or more to reach you, though. And if you’re not going to be at the con, we’ll still be taking them online until the 4th also!

In the future, we may open commissions again if we need to make some extra money or have time to kill — but the truth is our goal is to focus on our comic and while we have a ton of fun doing commissions, it’s something that’s quite time consuming for us and that we’d like to ultimately phase out. We can’t thank you enough for so many years of support!