This week has been a pretty crazy whirlwind — we’ve been getting ready for AX and trying to get a head start on the rest of the summer so we can dedicate more time to getting new comic pages done.

Two more days til AX! We’ve finally got our Shounen Fight banner for the booth so keep an eye out for it if you’re at the con! We’ll be releasing our very first piece of merchandise for the comic at AX. You can preview the buttons we’ll have at the booth here. They’ll be sold as 2 sets for $6 each or both for $10. After the convention, we’ll have them available for order through the web site.

We’ll also have a special extra button at the convention that you can get for FREE if you come to the booth and tell us you’re reading the comic. We’ll make 100 of these and if we’ve got any left after the con, we’ll put them on the web site. 😀

After AX, we’ve got Anime Fest Wichita, Tokyo in Tulsa, San Diego Comic Con, Otakon… we’re basically booked for the rest of the summer. @_@ WISH US LUCK!

We’ve also got a good friend who just released his first book! Check out his comic, Oh Goodie! it’s great stuff.

PS — there are crimson katydids. Or at least pink.