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  1. Sunnii

    that phone charm fills my heart with so much happy

  2. Mitaukano

    ….. AUUUUUGHHH TWILIGHT references. XD Beautiful coloring as always guys.

  3. Tarto

    This page is so beautiful I can’t stand it.

  4. wandering-dreamer

    I have to admit, the girl’s got style (and talent, between this and fighting off that guy on her own last time we saw her she’s one of the most interesting and mysterious characters!).

  5. Rogue


    And the hands are holding a rattlesnake.

    Is that supposed to be a Wild West version of Twilight?

    • JadePrince

      😀 Bingo.

      • Rogue

        Hahaha yes, awesome.

    • Moonwolf8

      I never read any of the twilight books, or watched any of the movies. All I know about the series is from reading Entertainment Weekly. Thank you for catching the reference.

  6. Anne

    How…did she get up there?

  7. Esile

    Twilight spoof!

    Oh, this is interesting. 😀 And pretty!

  8. Jamie

    ooo, great dress 🙂 lol, this is gonna be an interesting date

  9. Robert

    Am I off track here? I think that this is just like…how Mike is picturing her in his head? Or is she really dressed like that and inexplicably sitting on an i-beam…?

    • JadePrince

      She’s really dressed like that, and yes, she’s really sitting on that i-beam. 😀

  10. N.J.AL

    My rugged cowboy: So,What are you doing?
    Me: Just chilling. Reading a book, wearing a creepy dress and hanging on a construction site.
    My rugged Cowboy:What?!
    Me: Sorry, Autocorrect fail.
    My rugged Cowboy: What did you mean to say then?
    Me: Nothing, it doesnt matter. See you soon. xoxo

    If that downst look villainish, I don’t know what does.

  11. Exmoose

    Twilight Hardback books aren’t really that small. If they were, I’d be able to read more of them without my hand cramping up 8|

    Also that cover reminds me of the twilight spoof cover with the dog poo. Heee.

    Also: VAMPIRE COWBOYS??!? She must be a villian.

  12. Em

    I….Is that a Homestuck phone charm? Cos that would be awesome.
    And that dress is gorgeous 😀 But how did she get up there?

    • Exmoose

      Oh gosh, it is! *^* or possibly Problem Sleuth. (or… a badly drawn cowboy hat?) Homestuck is literally everywhere nowadays. It’s in all my fandoms. All of them.

      Punch universe in snout to re-establish probability?

      • unnoticedTurmoil


    • Exmoose

      Also, you stole my name 🙁 I got so excited that I forgot to say.

  13. SumGuy

    Some people are saying she´s got to be a villain, now I am fantasizing Mike switching to her side and fighting his friends. I know that´s a little cliche but it´s my favorite one =]

  14. GeneM

    Just found this comic XD In the beginning I was skeptical about whether this would turn out to be interesting (though the artwork has been an absolute delight) but the longer I read the more I’m getting into it. You keep pulling the rug out from under your readers XD I love it! Kept wondering, from the difference in style between title, site theme, and characters in general whether this would turn out to be BL or true shounen or something else entirely…then I think my brain blew a circuit when you mentioned Mr. Drag Queen had a fiancee~ This is proving to be one (highly believable) surprise after another, and I have no idea where it’s going next – which is my favorite kind of story. 🙂 Write more! Your hungry readers demand it. Nom nom.

  15. meap27

    i have seen no mutant cats yet

    • JadePrince

      SPOILER: Get ready for chapter 4. 🙂

  16. Chi-chan

    Hahaha, something tells me this date is going to fall somewhere between highly unsettling and complete disaster. Is she trying to test (kill) him?

    I think Twilight might’ve been better if it had a few rattlensakes, honestly. ^_~

    • Enkidu

      And add polar bears! Heck, everything could use a few polar bears!

  17. Maiks-heart

    I really should start commenting on these more! :L So I guess Mike has been keeping in contact with said date 😀 wonder what event will happen. I’m not sure whether I like or dislike Sonya, she is very mysterious…

  18. Alven_Fae

    Oh… this is total WIN. I’m now jealous. I’ve always wanted to somehow houdini up and perch on an I-beam in a Wild West style dress while reading a Wild West version of Twilight… it’s my life’s goal.

    Oh, and that girl has got cowboy on her brain SO BAD.

    • Enkidu

      She’s Canadian. She was probably DEEPLY disappointed when she came down south to the states and the whole place wasn’t one big Clint Eastwood movie.

      • JadePrince

        I laughed out loud at this. Thank you. XD And yes, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this is exactly what happened to Sonya. :3

  19. Patricia (23)
    Patricia (23)

    this hast too less guy love in it

  20. Sili

    Poor Mike. Just like Clark Kent he’ll never get the girl.

  21. thefluffyone

    I just…Mike is so not rugged. And I want to fathom why she’s reading in a construction site, but I doubt I would understand.


  22. Shadow

    its like ron weasly with lavender brown……….. ><

  23. SpinyNerd

    My guess is that Sonya is a yandere.

  24. Cory

    SUNSET. and the last panel. this is just too good.

  25. Deringer

    Well, part of me, (most of me) is hoping Sonya won’t end up with Mike because I want him to end up with someone I can shamelessly project onto. That said, I don’t hate Sonya, she’s very funny. I think I might have enjoyed Twilight if Bella went around proffering rattlesnakes.

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