We’ve finally got around to doing our drawing! A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We had way better response than we were expecting and it was REALLY difficult for us to choose a winner for the grand prize. You people got really creative! It means so much to us that you enjoy the comic enough that you would go out of your way to help us spread the word to your friends.

So first of all, congrats to the winners of the random drawing who will be receiving a free full set of eight Shounen Fight buttons which will go on sale on the website next week. The winners of our drawing are Adele M. and Kath E. and we’ll contact you in the next couple of days to get your shipping address to send you your prizes!

With how many outstanding entries, it was really difficult for us to pick one to receive the grand prize of the full button set plus a sketch of two characters. We were looking for posts that were creative and interesting and we got everything from comics to essays in response. The one that really stood out though, was from a reader named Blake who created a character personality quiz for the boys! Congratulations, Blake and thank you for your entry!

You can take Blake’s quiz online to find out what MSF boy you are!

Here’s a few more awesome entries we received!

Noelle used the THREAT LEVEL template from chapter 3 very creatively XD

Lexie created an ADORABLE Tumblr entry to promote the comic

Olivier created an animated gif of Summer!

Ally made a YouTube video

Amy proved with a comic that MSF will just NOT leave her alone

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to add a fourth prize to the contest for an entry that touched us really deeply. We’d like to award a free sketch to Raphael, a trans reader, who wrote a brief essay on his Tumblr about his feelings toward the comic and us.

This little bit of writing really hit home with us because it’s closely related to WHY we’re writing MSF and just what the comic is. When it comes down to it, we’re simply writing the comic we would want to read and the comic we wish we’d been able to read when we were teenagers– something fun and entertaining but also something that with characters we could relate to and maybe see a little of ourselves in. That’s part of why we decided not to do an NC-17 comic (and believe me, we’ve created PLENTY of NC-17 material and yeah, we enjoy a good smutty comic or two as you can see from our reading list on the site). Instead we wanted to write something fit for 13 and ups to read and that wasn’t ABOUT being gay but still had gay/genderqueer themes. Our media these days tends to segregate gay characters off to their own gay stories about being gay. We’re finally seeing this trend break down with shows like Glee and comics like Scott Pilgrim– stories with relate-able LGBT characters who deal with LGBT issues but are part of a larger story with a focus on broader themes like comedy and friendship. So maybe that’ll help some folks understand what we’re going for here. Nope, this isn’t a yaoi story and it wasn’t made for the sake of its gay content but we hope you can enjoy it AND the LGBT themes which we promise will crop up now and again. 😉

And enough of that schmoopy stuff! I’m at Tokyo in Tulsa this weekend and then FINALLY a weekend at home thanks to San Diego Comic Con next week! We’ll be spending the week frantically cleaning out house for all the friends that crash with us for the con. @_@

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest and keep an eye out next week for our new web store!