Oh man, ten days for an update is unacceptable, sorry about that folks. @_@ July has been a brutal month for us and San Diego Comic Con was no exception. We were able to get a booth at the con but we were knocked on our asses for a couple of days afterward. Aaand we have to be scrambling to get ready for Otakon which Dusty is leaving for at 6 AM tomorrow. It’s an endless cycle of fun! The good news is, Otakon is an awesome convention. 🙂

So YAY end chapter 3. We’ll probably stay a bit sluggish over the next couple of weeks as we recover from all the July cons, prepare to boot up chapter 4 and get chapter 3 ready for print. We’re also trying to find the time to get the new store FINALLY up and running so that you can order books and buttons online. Thanks for your patience, everyone!