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  1. Tarto

    … I love her.

  2. Maiks-heart

    Love her, she takes no crap πŸ˜€

  3. Rogue

    Well you could at least eat the cherry, David. >o>

  4. Advancedflea

    I seem to remember a siamalr conversation between me and my mum. are you guys sneaking into my past or somthing?

    • JadePrince

      We have magical time-travelling binoculars. They’re pretty awesome.

      • unnoticedTurmoil


  5. CatgirlKawaii

    Chibi David is ADORABLE~ <3

  6. PockyPuck

    Oh my god. XD I love that little girl so much. She is destined to break hearts and heads.

  7. Jethro

    Love the Eddie Izzard reference :D. In this case however… death please.

  8. Breathless

    She is just so cool…

  9. Cloudy-7

    Does spitting on a rock make it worse…? Or is she threatening the cherry?

  10. Aqua Gaurdian
    Aqua Gaurdian

    How come the bunny don’t gots no foods?

    • JadePrince

      Cuz his mouth is sewed shut. /too dark? XD

      • AquaGaurdian

        Nah~ just the right amount πŸ˜‰

  11. Nikita Yurei
    Nikita Yurei

    David, you better eat this rock man, this girl is serious bussines!
    Im loving the comics !!!

  12. Jamie

    I love you, Chihiru! She’s so hard-core, which is kind of funny considering how laid back and cool Yuki is.

  13. Juniper

    I just started this comic, and it’s freakin’ fantastic!! Chihiru is so awesome <3
    Can't wait to read more πŸ˜€

    • JadePrince

      Thank you so much for trying us out! Glad you like Chihiru~ She is a lot of fun to write. πŸ™‚

  14. OblivionMara

    Same here ! Just to say that I found this comic totally by chance, and I LOVE it. I’m totally following you guys now.

    Also : -I’m a Yuki fan, and sort of get a crush on Winter the moment I saw him. These two are so well teamed…
    -The “hyper fiancΓ©s” made me laugh aloud. They’re… amazing.
    -Chihiru is just too adorable to be true, and “David” is the best villain I’ve seen in a long time… He’s kind of cute, too. I wanna see how everything will turn out !!

    And for the most important : A lot of thanks for having put mixed couples, bad-tempered spirits, transvestites, and questions about the future on this comic. I especially love the manner you are speaking about matters that count without boring the readers. Thanks for all these chuckles.
    I hope you will forgive my terrible English and count me as a fan ! <3

    • JadePrince

      Thank you so much for your comment! (Also, your English is great!)

      It means a lot to know we’re touching people even with a dorky comedic webcomic. πŸ™‚ And all those things are important to us too!

      Thank you thank you thank you for reading! <3

      • OblivionMara

        Okay… But you’re gonna regret it when overwhelmed with silly comments πŸ˜€
        Thanks for your anwser, it is so kind… ^^ And if you cannot touch people with dorky comedic webcomics, well, what can?

  15. EIQGOT

    MMM nothing like quality service XD

  16. Dannie

    OMG! I have to say this is the best original comic I’ve come across. I’m so glad y’all had a booth at Mechacon last week! It’s also coincidental since my Senior Seminar for my major is Environmental Writing. Best coincidence ever!!!!! The only thing I’d squee over more is if you ever did a Merlin badge…..oh… And the Twilight parody…loved it!

  17. Cory

    there should be more fictional little girls who don’t burst into tears when their cooking skill is insulted. πŸ˜€

    • Avhienda

      Heehee! There should be more REAL little girls who don’t, too!

  18. mitshoo

    Isn’t this the second time she has threatened spit?
    Am I sensing a trend in Chihiru’s problem-solving strategies?

  19. Saberri

    Hey! I’ve been reading this comic for months and finally found the perfect page to comment on (all of the pages are perfect, but I love this one).

    She’s so feisty. She really reminds me of myself when I was younger. XD I love her!

  20. Syniq

    Oh, man… I just found this comic this morning, and I had to post a comment because when I got to this page I laughed so hard I’m actually crying. xD 10 points to Gryffindor.

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