It’s been an interesting week for us. Both of our toilets broke and had to be replaced and on Thursday there was a 12 hour power outage throughout all of San Diego in the middle of a heat wave. So, yeah.

Our big news this week is that we’ve got book #3 on preorder now!

We’ve been promising this for weeks and we’re now taking preorders for book #3! A larger version of the cover is viewable on DeviantArt. There’s several options available if you’d like to preorder. We won’t be doing a special edition with this book but what we WILL be offering for those of you who preorder is an exclusive pinup print. To tease you w/ what the print is going to be, we’ve made a silhouette image. This image won’t be uploaded digitally for at least 6 months. (If we remember to do it at all around then… >_>)

There’s four ordering options in our store right now. For $6 you get the book + exclusive pinup. For $9 you get the book + pinup + a single character sketch. For $15 you can get all three books (normally $6 each) and the exclusive print. And for $18 you get all three books + pinup + single char sketch in one book of your choice. We’ll only be offering 20 $3 sketches total — 10 for the single book orders and 10 for the bundled orders. We suggest you order your books w/ sketches now if you’re interested because we sold 4 of them within 5 minutes of posting on Twitter. O_o

We’ll take preorders up until the books are actually IN OUR HANDS which should be at least a week and a half to two weeks. We’re definitely going to have these at Anime St. George on Sept. 24th though, where we’ll be making a guest appearance. Thankfully we’re at home until then so we’ve got some time to breathe and get some comic stuff done!

Thanks as always for your support, guys, we’re looking forward to bringing you new content!