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  1. Sunnii

    this is just- that one cat- I just- I love you so much.

  2. kurobizzle

    I love this page and all, but I’m in love with your button of female Raj. He’s so pretty….

  3. Sehin

    Hahaha, I still can’t believe they actually are going through with the mission. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. LazyReader

    Do they have to euthanize animals……….well yeah, they also bust their butts trying to educate people about the importance of pet population control. Most animal shelters actually have a much higher adoption rate than say…….PETA

  5. huskychao

    XD Kill free because we care. Wonderful slogan.
    I wish your house luck from your cats.

  6. Kaisa

    Cute hippies 😀

    have fun at the conventions! I wish I could visit you there but it’s a bit too long way from Finland 😛

  7. Carrie

    Ahahaha, I’m intrigued by these characters.
    Also, yay for consistent updates! This is yet another reason to love this comic.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

  8. Cory

    i love the portrayal of that alternative animal rights guy XD

  9. Anti-Form

    For some reason, I’d really like Ryver to meet Mike’s mom. I imagine the results would be hilarious.

  10. {claus}

    Poor Ryver. He’s being so determined for nothing…

    • xaykocys

      I love your warrior u avatar!!!

  11. rinalicat

    Two things: 1. Pound Puppies?? Oh Lord, now I feel really old…(I’m 19 and I still get asked questions like “What’s Digimon?”-THE HELL U NOT KNOW DIGIMON, CHILD?!) 2. That is pehaps the most disturbing poster slogan ever.

    • Anti-Form

      But they’re still making Digimon. Did you do the sensible thing and beat the asker senseless?

    • LazyReader

      There is a similar show in Asia, called by the pound puppies………….yum

  12. Lupina09

    I know the slogan on the poster is a good thing… But it just sounds so wrong! Can’t wait for the next update.

    • personoftheFvariety

      I know it reminds me of this sign I drove by advertising fresh meat for your dogs… in a field…with a pony in it!?

  13. Jamie

    Love the comic so far!! We need more genre bending comics like this. XD

  14. AI-Chan

    I bought some stuff from you guys that’s how i found out about this AMAZING comic!! <3

  15. Alan

    I’m thinking the bottom-left panel shows ‘David’s “true source”…

  16. Heidi

    oh hey, I happened to see you there . . . . :3

    I told you there, but I always love your art, and the writing. You guys are super fantastic! keep up the great work, both of you!

  17. zombie-bunny

    bought 3 chapters at NY comic-con! so happy!

  18. ScardyG

    So they’re raiding a no-kill shelter of the animals the shelter is trying to take care of and find homes for so that they WON’T be killed…
    These guys are losers.

    • chibichibi


      I wish shelters around here were no kill. I wish they had the FUNDING to be no kill. Funding and lack of space are the biggest problems.

    • LazyReader

      It’s just like those idiots who set fire to SUV’s but fail to realize, wait there was gas in those SUV’s we don’t want to burn.

    • MillionNames

      I do believe something more sinister is going to occur….

  19. comiccruzer

    loveing the story arch so far, can’t wait to see the rest

  20. Kismet8

    Aww man! I wish I had read this before today! I couldn’t afford tickets to comic-con but I could have asked my brother to stop by since he was going! I shall have this regret for the rest of my life! I hope I catch you two another year.

    Mike’s teh Hotness! ;p

  21. Andrew

    Hi…… first time posters, super nervous! Umm……… well for one things, I wish you guys were at the EXP con in St. Augustine, I would have loved to get my hands on one of these comics in real life. And to those of you that were there, I was America from Hetalia that was in the Hetalia question and Answer board. I was nervous then too. I also wanted to say I love this series, it’s great, can’t wait for the next update

  22. keegster

    hmmmmm sigh its been to long since last post

  23. personoftheFvariety

    Does anyone know if they are just waiting until after Daishocon to update?

  24. TomTom

    TomTom grabs a defibrillator “CLEAR!” and proceeds to shock the comic back to life! “Come on! Come on!” continues his shocking only to resort to smashing the chest paddles against the lifeless comic. “Nooooooo!!!!”

  25. Morrigan

    this month long unnanounced Hiatus is making me very worried….

    I love this comic. it gives me smiles and hope… it can’t die…

  26. purple_phoenix

    What Morrigan said! This hiatus does worry me.

    • DustyJack

      Don’t worry guys, we had a family emergency on our hands and we made an announcement on the front page 🙂 We’re working on getting a new page up now thought.

  27. Sada

    oh mai gawd, i-it-‘s……oh gawd……..I can’t produce anything more intelligent as of yet…..

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