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  1. SilentMuse

    Ahaha, I love the ‘pew’ sound effects. Also, jeez Mike, haven’t you ever played Pokemon (or basically any other games that involve elemental powers)? The correct response should be to kill it with fire! Though I wonder if that’s more Autumn’s specialty? LOL keep up the good work, guys 😛

    Oh, P.S., spelling error on Autumn’s second speech bubble (“anthing”)

    • DustyJack

      ertuiertoij thank you @_@

      I would trust Pokemon logic in all things except that fire, ground and fighting are super effective against STEEL? I’m sorry no. That and taking money from a bunch of kindergartners at a daycare center.

      • wolfgirl

        well, fire against steel actually makes some sense because – if it gets hot enough – you can melt steel, or any other metal

  2. Tiny Angry

    PEW PEW! Oh goodness xD <3 Mike-dear, did we not pay attention in biology?

    Oh man, those carnivorous plants simply are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them. And you darlings keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Katelyn

    Looks like they could use a frost.

  4. Jamie

    Can we say “Photosynthesis,” children? lol, sorry couldn’t resist! 😛 This is great!
    Now, I’m gonna run around saying ‘pew pew’ while I put up my X-mas tree!

  5. Sehin

    what are the other two doing I wonder

  6. Kiya-chan

    Sunshine on plants indeed XD Good going, Mike. I’m looking forward to see who steps in to help out.

  7. kurobizzle

    Yuki needs to show these kiddies how its done with his archery skillz.

  8. Anti-Form

    There is so much awesome angry drag queen happening at the bottom of this page. But when did his earrings become layered?

    • DustyJack

      They’re new earrings since the last transformation. 😉 New wig, too. Raji’s no one trick pony.

      • Anti-Form

        I want him to plan out all my outfits now.

  9. Meta

    Actually… Summer might have the right idea, if he keeps using his sunshine beams they’ll either a) get too big and essentially explode or b) basically put too much sunlight on them so that they’ll shrivel up.

    But love the new page. I’ve loved it all so far!

  10. MightyPearl

    I love the monsters. They look so awesome!!

  11. Aqua Gaurdian
    Aqua Gaurdian

    Ahaha I thought the one monster on the right had eaten some sort of giant fish when no one was looking, turns outit was actually a leafy part XD

  12. Phantom26

    I LOVE THIS COMIC! The color design and lay ouy are gorgouse and the characters are funny ^_^ Simply my favorite right now is Yuki ^_^ he is so cute.

  13. sontie

    overgrow them to the point they cant move or function then she can come in and wither them and the others can come in with yard tools wahaaaaaahaaaahaaa epic

  14. rinalicat

    Whoa. Didn’t see that coming.

  15. Alven_Fae

    That is so not fair! It is damn hard to get that level of gloss and perfection when it comes to nails!

  16. Noggin

    I sense Winter is gonna appear here..

  17. Enkidu

    Looks like it’s gonna be up to Yuki to save the day. Why am I getting all giggly thinking of his transformation scene? It’s going to be PRETTY-PRETTY I just KNOW it! 8D

  18. Akiko

    I desperately want to see Yuki transform >.>

    I’ll be back. Everyday. For the rest of my life.
    Or until this ends. Whichever comes first.

  19. unnoticedTurmoil

    i have mixed feelings about this
    i both really love the kitties
    and really love the mutant kitties
    and they’re even adorable here
    someone tell me they’re not going to kill the kitties

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