Season’s greetings, folks!

It’s December and you know what that means — SALE TIME! Yeah, we’re pretty late getting this up, sorry about that. It’s been a heck of a year for us. But you do still have two weeks to get a good deal! Until Jan 1st you’ll be able to get 8 badges for $20.

In related news, we finally got around to doing something we’ve wanted to all year — we’ve got a new store up! You can now place your orders in a lot easier fashion through shop on Storenvy. We’ve also added our large posters of our Honorable Pokemon Champion and Toph vs. Weeping Angels pieces and an easy way to order our prints.

In addition to our sale, we’re also offering free holiday post cards as a thank you for our readers’ and customers’ support! You can get your Scuttlebutt holiday card by filling out our form. We’ll send cards to the first 200 people to sign up and they’ll probably be arriving between Christmas and New Year’s.

Thank you all for another awesome year! Our convention schedule is going to be lighter for 2012 and we’re working on the new calendar now, but for now we are confirmed for Anime Los Angeles, Megacon, Emerald City Comic Con and Kawaii Kon. If you’re at ALA, look for our art on headbands and in the program guide where a few of the Shounen Fight characters will be making a cameo! Hope we see you in 2012!