Hope everyone has had/is having/will have a great holiday and new year!

We spent today with some of JD’s family, and are spending tomorrow with some of Dusty’s and the cats are wondering why we can’t just stay home ALL weekend and feed them delicious things and play with them. After all, isn’t this the season of giving?

Speaking of giving– we know we’ve been neglecting you folks a bit and our page output has been admittedly Β lagging. Aside from the holidays we’ve been going through some rough family stuff that’s set us back a bit, but we’ll be returning next week with a new page and hopefully a more stable schedule starting with the new year. Wish us luck!!

In the mean time, have this to tide you over. It’s the front of our holiday postcards which are on their way to most of you (not including a few stragglers that’ll probably go out between now and New Year’s).

Now get off the internet and go put on that ugly Christmas sweater grandma got you last year before she decides you hate her.