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  1. kapi

    oooohoohoo… interesting! but I’m just wondering who he might be and why he is actually here… I can’t wait for next week!

    • Avhienda

      She… It has to be a she! I just know it!

  2. Thanatos1320

    I’m guessing he’s their version of Tuxedo Kamen.

  3. Pillamelai

    Whilst not knowing much about Latinamerican vocabulary, being from Spain, I can assure you “guapa guacho” sounds like a serious grammatical crime. The closest fit would be either “guapo guacho” or “guapa guacha”, depending on his/her gender. Furthermore, I’m unsure whether you should use an “explanatory adjective” (guapo guacho) or a “defining adjective” (guacho guapo).

    But then, again, I don’t even know what “guacho” means. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, it’s a word from a Quechua language, meaning something along the lines of “orphan”, which would be “huΓ©rfano” in a more standard romanized Spanish.

    Could I ask about the meaning you were trying to convey? I wouldn’t mind lending a hand

    • ShinyHappyGoth

      That’s gaucho, not guacho. It’s sort of comparable to “cowboy”, although it’s more about where you’re from than a profession, so a better translation might be “plainsman”. You’re right about the grammar, though; it definitely ought to be “gaucho guapo”… unless the discrepancy has some significance? (Of course, the significance might just be that the character doesn’t actually speak Spanish.)

  4. Razmos

    Hmm, i don’t know much about early America but were there spanish speaking Mexicans around in “the wild west”? Or at least, were there any as shown by tv, movies, books etc (never actually payed attention)

    If so, i have a feeling i know who this person is. Blond + weird obsession with the wild west, i wonder.

    • Hannah

      In the actual Old West, yes, especially in controversial territories that were taken from Mexico. In Hollywood, which isn’t even racially diverse these days, no. I can’t speak for books about the Wild West though, as I’m not very absorbed in the genre as a whole.

  5. BrittanyBrain

    Hurr hurr I like the cat batting at his/her feet in the last panel. c: Totally gonna vote for you~

    • JadePrince

      Thank you for voting~! We’ll put up new sketches every week now. πŸ™‚

  6. Angelo

    It’s “gaucho” and not “guacho”. “Gaucho” is like a cowboy from Argentina and if you look at that figure it looks like one. It has nothing to do with Mexico, as cowboys in Mexico are called “charros”. The name is still confusing. “Guapa” is feminine which means “pretty” while “Gaucho” is masculine. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next panel to see who he/she is.

  7. Sehin

    I swear its Yuki!!

  8. Katelyn

    Hm, is either Sonya, Raji’s engaged, or Alex. Though the kitties not taking kindly to him/her is a bit ominous.

  9. Aqua Gaurdian
    Aqua Gaurdian

    My bet is Anjika(sp?)
    XD poor mikey’s already being replaced
    He’s no longer the only cowboy in town

  10. Akiko

    GENDER-BENT TUXEDO MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. rinalicat

    Raji, it’s not your hero; IT’S MINE! *gets stones chucked at her for such a lame joke* …it had…to be…done…

  12. CottonCory

    I’m guessing it’s either Anjika or someone new. Or Joe with a wig.

  13. Kyren

    My money’s on Anjika

  14. Jester of prime moon
    Jester of prime moon

    i love this comic, and after reading it i felt compelled to watch sailor moon for an hour and a half.

    • JadePrince

      I feel as though we’ve somehow done a good deed because of that…. XD Everyone should watch at least one season of Sailor Moon once in their lifetime. :3 Hehe.

      • Jester of prime moon
        Jester of prime moon

        i didn’t even realize i liked sailor moon and now i cant stop watching it.

  15. huskychao

    Yay, so glad there’s an update schedule now! It’ll be sooo much easier to know when the comic updates now.

    • JadePrince

      That’s what we thought too! πŸ˜€ Yay! Glad to hear that’ll help ya. πŸ™‚

  16. Mishi

    … or it could be Sonya. That would be the funniest option.

  17. Andrew

    *facepalm* did he really have to say “Could it be my…….. HERO!” with such a face….. dude!

  18. Andrew

    Just to say, any else notice how the cats act toward the “hero”

  19. Jamie

    aww, the scary mutant plant kitty is back to being its cute little self πŸ™‚
    And if it is Anji, then I totally called it, lol. Even though it was just fan art and I didn’t quite get the outfit right. But that poncho would be great at hiding various giveaways to gender or race. Although it also could end up being Sonja, Joe, or I had a weird thought it might be Alex. Even better, it might be someone we haven’t met yet!

  20. chikao

    Isn’t that the guy from the anime bonanza poster??

    • JadePrince

      HAHA oh man, it DOES look a little like Bonanza’s mascot. That’s funny. XD I guess we all like fringe too much. :3

  21. Ari

    Yeah… I’m thinking Alex or Anjika.
    Although I do like the idea of Joe throwing on a wig!

  22. Cloudy-7

    Oh Raji, what would to world be without you?

  23. LilFluff

    Hehe, love the kitties reaction to the crazy costumed figure interrupting their ‘ignore the world’ time.

  24. AnnaB

    I really really really want this to be Sonya. So much.

  25. Basil MacVae
    Basil MacVae

    Place your bets, folks; place your bets!

    Totally putting my money on it being Oliver.

  26. Cecona

    I’m thinking that the feminine and masculine mix up with the Guapa Gaucho was on purpose. This whole comic is about blurring the lines between genders with guys acting like girls and girls acting like guys and all the like. I don’t understand why you people see it as a mistake or problem. Maybe if it was a different comic, but this is Shounen Fight!

    • Pillamelai

      And if I write “Joe like bananas”, I am actually trying to show how the love for bananas is a society imposition, and therefore the real subject of the sentence is ‘they’.

  27. Naavaah

    “Guapa Guacho” is translated into “beautiful bastard.” Imma assume it’s a dude. Or his/her parent’s weren’t married. Either one. Jus’ sayin’. ;3

    • Pillamelai

      It’s ‘gaucho’, apparently.

  28. Silver


    ….without the roses, of course.

    • JadePrince

      Bolas do more damage than roses. πŸ˜€

  29. Maggie Mc
    Maggie Mc

    guapa its for feminine, and the adjetive is written after the subject, gaucho guapo or gaucha guapa
    just saying, because im argentinian and really love this comicβ™₯

  30. unnoticedTurmoil

    teh kitties don’t like you standing there
    *instant and explainable dislike for character*

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