Well, we’d HOPED to have this up for you guys last night instead of this evening, but we have a friday update at least! And, as promised, a new incentive image when you vote for us on Top Web Comics. We’ve been keeping busy this week and after running a poll on DA, we decided to offer you guys a poster through our store! This image is one we made for the banner that we use at our booth at conventions but there were enough people interested in having it as a poster that we went for it. In the future, we’ll make some new images specifically for posters.

Last weekend was ALA and it was way too much fun. Anime Los Angeles has been our party con for a while now and this time was no exception. They asked us to provide some artwork for their program book…. which somehow, through some issue on their end, did not make it into the book. They have, however, assured us that it will be in next year’s book and in the meantime, you guys get to benefit from some random Shounen Fight art!

Also, check out our blog to get a preview of what we have in store for you Shounen Fight fans in 2012!

Lastly, there’s a new incentive sketch up on TopWebComics when you VOTE FOR US HERE!