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And now for an impromptu Spanish lesson.

There’s been some discussion about our naming of the newest Mahou Shounen Fight hero, so let us clarify the word order thing– yes, typically the adjective comes after the noun in Spanish, however, there are a number of exceptions and for the purpose of naming this character, we felt it fit better to have the name form be adjective-noun. In certain cases, when the adjective expresses an essential quality of the noun it modifies, or when the noun is unique or one-of-a-kind –such as a person speaking of their “beautiful wife”– one would use the adj-noun order (Mi hermosa esposa). If they said, instead “Mi esposa hermosa“, it might imply that they have more than one wife and are clarifying that they are talking about the beautiful one.

Basically, if we wanted to say “Hey guys, look at that lovely cowboy over there”, we probably would say “gaucho guapo/a“, but since we’re saying “OH MY GOD, that’s THE ‘Lovely Cowboy’! Quick, ask for an autograph!”, we decided to go with GUAPA GAUCHO.