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  1. Cosmic Kath
    Cosmic Kath

    So many sparkles *__*

  2. Sehin

    How extremely traditional and so Yuki πŸ˜€ I want this as a wallpaper!!! Love Yuki πŸ™‚ xoxo

  3. Oblivion Mara
    Oblivion Mara

    Hankama-time ! I would’ve bet that πŸ˜€ But it’s amazing all the same. I’m fond of these transformations ! And I find it such a pity Oliver’s *tiiiiime* hasn’t come yet…
    … Well, it sure increases drama πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to see Yuki’s next move !

    (Out of topic : I’ve become a fan of “the thing that grabbed Mike” – which has, probably, the best name ever :D-)

  4. Akiko

    I just freaked out and started squeezing in homeroom. xD
    This is SOOO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

    • E`ithra

      I just had to say, your response was the best comment ever.
      And I so totally agree with it. XD

    • Akiko


    • JadePrince

      Hahah were you reading the comic in homeroom? XD Just don’t get in trouble on our account!! X3 <3<3~

  5. PockyPuck

    Well, winter palettes tend to be subdued, too, so we knew he wasn’t getting anything nearly as flashy as Raji. This works quite excellently for him! πŸ˜€ Nice tough guy transformation, yay Yuki! Go save their butts with your manly acting skills!

    (Wish Alex could see this, eh? He’d be all over that. <3)

    • Oblivion Mara
      Oblivion Mara

      This is exactly what I was thinking ^^

  6. Anon

    Yuki takes center stage.
    Cue the musicians – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QAGPUDV-0c

    btw Thanks for the great work guys. Raj and Oliver are very funny, Yuki is sweet and Mike is the best.
    I love it, though I’m disappointed to have finally caught up πŸ™

    • JadePrince

      We would could only be so lucky to have that guy’s music as the soundtrack for MSF! Thank you for giving the comic a try and it’s great to hear you’ve enjoyed it– I totally agree that being caught up with a comic (or TV show, or podcast or whatever) you enjoy sucks because then you have to wait for the next installment! But I do hope you stick around and keep reading as we put out new pages! πŸ˜€

      • Anon

        Yeah definitely. There are very few comics that manage to get me hooked, this is at the top of my list.

        I’d tried avoiding coming up to date with MSF for ages (because it’s like a really good book you want to savour) but the other day I just gave in and devoured the last two chapters in one go. I certainly will read each page as it comes out πŸ˜‰

  7. SilentMuse

    AHFKLAsdAKSLdJASD I have been waiting for this transformation <3
    He looks so badass!

  8. Jamie

    Omg, Yes! I’d hoped ya’ll would go for the more traditional Japanese thing with Yuki! He looks amazing and I love his serious Hero face <3 *let the fangirl squeeing and flailing begin* Kick butt, Yuki/Winter!!

  9. Jamie

    shoot forgot to ask if we can get this as a poster?

    • katsumibatei

      I second this

  10. BrittanyBrain

    Oh yes. ouo

    • BrittanyBrain

      Btw guys I didn’t get the part. D: It’s okay though, I wasn’t expecting it anyway. I get to be a random townsperson. πŸ˜€

  11. Silver


    • Silver

      Yuki is so Manry! -faints-

  12. Zelarkian

    Damn look at all that confidence!!! Yuki powers activate <3

  13. Anti-Form

    His transformation object is an archery glove? So much awesome. And his “fine, dammit, I’ll save you idiots” expression is the most delightful of any transformation sequence I’ve ever seen.

  14. kurobizzle

    My God, you’ve guys have done it. THAT is how man magically transforms. Yuki is just so wonderful when he’s seriously about to kick some butt. πŸ˜€

  15. Rozero

    Oh hell yes.

  16. CottonCory

    Heh, wow, compared to the other two, that is really tame. Way less fancy. But still dapper! πŸ™‚

  17. Robert

    Winter and Yuki are kind of tame in comparison to Summer and Raji, so…

    Another totally awesome transformation, although I must say that I am eagerly anticipating the awesomeness of Oliver’s.

  18. wohdin


  19. Blane

    I swear to God, my inner fanboy just EXPLODED with glee. I think I’ve nailed down who my favorite character is. Now, if you’ll excuse me… *goes to build a Yuki shrine in his closet*

  20. Basil MacVae
    Basil MacVae

    Yuki’s costume was inspired by the sushi chefs of California…

  21. Revvy

    his face the entire time ._.
    only he could never be effected by the sparkley wonder that is the magical dressing room that resides in hammerspace

    • JadePrince

      “magical dressing room that resides in hammerspace”

      We both got a laugh out of this because it just happens to be exactly how we imagine it. XD The word “hammerspace” gets tossed around a lot when we’re brainstorming for the comic. XD <3

  22. rinalicat

    Hakama..! *eyes sparkle as she loves samurai and ninjas and pretty much anything like that*

  23. Chirigami

    You… You… You guys ruined this night. I was planning to sleep, you know? I was gonna study a little bit, then sleep.

    But then I found your comic. And now it’s 05:40 a.m. and I’ve only now finished reading.

    I hate you almost as much as I love you for making this comic. No wait, that’s impossible.

    Also, BTW, I’m from Argentina, you know, the place where Gauchos come from… So I feel extraordinarily amused to find this Gaucho character of yours in a… uh, you’re from the USA right? Well in a foreign comic.

    Really, this comic is so much win, I feel stupid even trying to convey my liking in a comment. You got actual laughter out of ME reading alone. I almost never laugh when I’m by myself, I just smile. But no, you broke that rule too, you made me laugh.

    P.S.: Sorry if my English is horribly awkward, as I said, I’m from Argentina, so non-native English speaker here.

  24. Rinn

    De-lurking to say that this comic is amazing! You do a wonderful job with the humour and creating some lovely characters (I don’t think I’ve ever had multiple favourites before). Yuki’s transformation looks awesome, and I agree with what others are saying about Winter being subtler than the other seasons, so this one being tamer than the others makes sense to me.

    Also, are their transformations based on their countries of origin? If so, I’m really curious to see what Oliver’s will be.


    Yuki has the manliest transformation out of all of them πŸ˜› that just makes him more adorable

    • PockyPuck

      Well, he is a man’s man.


  26. kpanime

    i’m assuming that oliver’s magical costume is leprecaun.

  27. {claus}

    The clothes really fit Yuki πŸ™‚
    Awesomeness is about to happen. I can feel it. (Then again, it already is.)

  28. Annoying Teenager
    Annoying Teenager

    *le comes out of cave for once*

    Lol, Yuki the BAMF. xD
    but asfdgjsagfsd dat costume oMFG

    i love how this is drawn
    not just this page, all of it
    the whole thing
    every last page
    every tiny detail
    it’s all just so afgsdkdjdhj <3

    Can't wait for the next update because MANLY* YUKI YES.

  29. Shadow

    wow he actually makes the sparkling look kick @ss

  30. Ros

    Love it ^-^ Show’um how its done Yuki!

  31. Leanne

    This guy is too manly for sparkles.

  32. SketchWiz

    OMG Archery GLOVE! Sparkly ice and arrow powers ACTIVATE!

  33. Jester of prime moon
    Jester of prime moon

    wait so is the winter symbol on Yukis’ headband or is it under it?

  34. Bryher

    Just found the comic today and am loving it. I’m even willing to let it slid that it perpetually makes it blaringly obvious how big a biology dork I am.
    Keep up the good work!

  35. Rayla-Hime

    Yes! Fav transformation so far! All hail Sparkly Bishonen!

  36. Nia

    I still have a crush on Yuki, even more so now that he looks like he’s a member from the shinsengumi.
    He reminds me of Saito or Hijirikawa from Hakuoki. =^w^=

  37. sophie-rose-brentwood

    OMG. Yuki……..yes~!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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