First of all, we need to tell you guys that we had a screw up on the site over the weekend and if you requested the Yuki/Alex backstory Thurs-Monday last week, you need to resubmit! Sorry about that. 🙁

We were at both Megacon and Katsucon this weekend and had a bunch of people stop by the booth! Thank you all for visiting us and for your kind words! You make doing the comic so rewarding.

Sorry we weren’t able to get you guys a new comic page last Friday but with two cons to get ready for, we just didn’t have the time. It’s going to be a busy month for us from here on in and sadly, after this Friday we’ll have to take a brief hiatus while we make our move up to San Francisco. The good news is, we’ve got some guest art lined up from some VERY talented people to hold you over through the two weeks while we relocate.

We were recently lucky enough to participate on the podcast run by our very good friends at Supaa Kaizoku Cosplay! For those of you who complain at us in the LiveStream for leaving the mic off, here’s an opportunity to listen to us rant endlessly with the added bonus of a little too much booze. (Don’t drink and podcast, kids.) With our friend Astel, we talk about our experience on the cosplay circuit (yeah, we used to do that. A LOT.) and about the origins of Shounen Fight and its process. Thanks for having us on, Kaizokus! You can listen to our madness here.

And lastly, in spite of having to miss last week’s page we did put up a new voting incentive on TWC and we’ll have another this friday with the new page.