Since you guys were so patient during our break last week while we were at Katsucon and Megacon, here’s this week’s page a day early! We do have some bad news though. We’re going to have to take the next two weeks off because we’re moving from San Diego to San Francisco. A bit of an undertaking! BUT the good news is, we’ll be having some guest art from some of our very talented artist friends to hold you over til we get back.

If you missed our notice on the blog, we had an issue on the web site over the weekend. If you submitted your request for the Alex/Yuki backstory last week from Thurs-Mon, WE DIDN’T GET IT and you need to resubmit. So sorry about that!

We put up a new voting incentive on TWC yesterday and we’ll leave it up til the weekend and then do a new one.

And last but not least, we did a podcast! Listen to us drunkenly ramble about cosplay and comics.