This week’s wonderful guest art is brought to you by a good friend of ours, Naki. We’ve known her for a few years now from our time on the convention circuit and our mutual adoration of Digimon and One Piece. Aside from having incredible art which she produces as stickers, keychains and posters, she also makes the most amazing Digimon crests which you can get from her at one of the many conventions we also harass her at. 😀

Be sure to check her out on DeviantArt, tumblr or her web site. She also takes commissions, though her store is closed for the moment while she’s on vacation. Thanks so much for contributing to Shounen Fight, Naki!!

And thank YOU guys for being patient while we get our move over with these few weeks. This time next week, we’ll be unpacking our stuff in our new place 500 miles away. Wish us luck as the INTENSE PANIC sets in. @_@