With Yuki’s transformation, there was a number of requests for some transformation wallpapers and you know we aim to please! So we hope you enjoy these wallpapers — they come in 2 sizes which we THINK are the standard ones… if you’re looking for different dimensions, let us know!

In case you’ve been out of the loop, we’re still offering our mad apologies for being unable to go back to updating. 🙁 Our move from San Diego to San Fran had some serious hiccups that set us back A LOT. We’ll have another guest art for you on Monday and then we’ll be back on schedule March 23rd.

This weekend Dusty’s in Hawaii at KawaiiKon (we can thank them for providing power at the tables and letting us get those wallpapers done!) while JD is home making sure the cats don’t lose their minds in the new house. We’ve got a weekend off and then we’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con, followed by Anime Boston and we MIGHT make a last minute trip to Sakura Con if we can swing it. Cross your fingers for us!

This weekend we also sent out the requests for the Alex/Yuki backstory that we’d had piling up for two weeks, SO sorry it took us so long to get that to some of you! If you didn’t get the backstory you requested, be sure to send in the form again.

See you Friday!