We cannot thank our good friend, Vejiicakes enough for doing some very last minute art for us in spite of having a lot of work on her plate! Veji is a very long-time friend of ours from way back in the very first days of the One Piece yaoi fandom. (If you haven’t seen the theme here, we only like people who like One Piece. Adjust your preferences accordingly.) You can check out Veji’s work on her DeviantArt! Enjoy a larger version of the art here. We’ll be back this Friday with a new page of MSF!

I’m here in Hawaii while JD is back home working on putting the house together. I’m more than a little guilty about this, believe me. BUT I saw like three whales today on a very awesome hike. That aside, KawaiiKon was fantastic and it’s always a delight to see everyone in the island crowd! Already looking forward to next year. We got our table squared away so we’ll see you then!

Thanks to Kawaii Kon’s amazing artist alley and their providing power at the tables, I was able to put together a little something extra for you guys, too! A lot of folks have been asking for some wallpapers and all we desire is your happiness. Hopefully this shall appease the happy gods.