Hey all– JD here. Yes, for once I am uploading this week’s page! Now let’s see if I screw this up. Haha.

ANYWAY, though this is late, we are finally getting back on track now that our move is done and we’re in the new house! Everything here is still something of a mess and lots of our stuff is still in boxes, but it’s big and beautiful and we don’t have enough furniture, and the cats are running around the house like crazy. Our 16 year old kitty is acting like she’s 3 again. ADORABLE.

On the down side, I am not used to living outside of the city and its sirens/white noise and all the weird, different noises that a house makes in the suburbs KEEP FREAKING ME OUT. Wind rattling the fireplace flue, check. Random creaks and groans, check. Fridge icemaker rumbling/rattling at random times, check. Inexplicable LOUD THUMP THAT SHAKES THE WINDOWS AND I CAN NEVER FIND WHAT CAUSED IT, check. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET USED TO THIS??

Anyway. *Cough*. Good news is this chapter is almost done! 😀 And then chapter 5 will begin and then you’ll finally get to see more of Oliver (and his transformation, woo!).

That’s all for now, folks! Hope you like the new page!