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  1. Sunnii

    I will think of that kitten as “Butterscotch” until it is given a name proper.

  2. celecca

    I don’t mind you’re being ate at times – it’s so much fun just to keep an eye on this. In answer to your question, I think your idea to play with the edges of the spirits is a good one!

  3. Lupina09

    Team mascot~!

    But oh wait, wouldn’t the spirits (especially Summer) be the mascots?

    Then again, wouldn’t Raji be the mascot?

    I am confuzzled. But I loved the dialogue in this update!

    • JadePrince


      • Anti-Form

        Even me?

        • Toli

          ESPECIALLY YOU *Creeper Eyes* C8

        • Kyren

          Yay I’m a mascot

  4. rinalicat

    First thought that popped into my head: IT’S GONNA BE EVIL ISN’T IT??

  5. Oni-koni

    tha cat is the prince… yes, this…

  6. yaoi huntress earth

    Does this mean they have their own version of Luna now?

    • JadePrince

      Well this IS an homage to the magical girl genre, so it does sort of call for it, huh? :3

      • Oblivion Mara
        Oblivion Mara

        I always thought Luna was a little too much… You know, she was too precious, even by the magical girl standards. :3 This little furball, on the other hand, has potential. She’s cute and purrr-ey… And, as the comments clearly show, already has a fanbase 😉
        Now what are you going to call her? *Thinks of something season-related…* Indian Summer? (Shorten as Indy ^^) Nay, that was a terrible try. 😀

        PS : Hope you got a terrific con ! Damn, that makes me want to be American !
        PPS : Can I be a mascot too? ^^

        • JadePrince

          EVERYONE gets to be a mascot! 😀 Heee I’m glad people like this kitty. ;3 Don’t worry, we’ve got a name ready! You’ll know it soon. :3

  7. Kenne

    Lol I love this comic! I’m so glad I happened upon it today!! 😀 It is seriously fantastic!!

    • JadePrince

      Thank you so much for reading it! 😀 We’re glad you found us too! :3 <3

  8. Legendary Cretan
    Legendary Cretan

    “Take it! Take it!”

    I guess Yuki is in charge of wiggly bomb disposal?

  9. Clair-chan

    Oh my god! I had no idea you guys were going to Sakura Con! I’ve been having a shit day, and this just made my life (even if it’s two days late).

    On another note, did you guys do something new with the line art? The spirits look different. In a good way. I love them in this page, I think this is my favorite page you guys have done so far! Awesome job!

  10. Kat

    The new coloring looks great! Before I scrolled down to read your note, I was looking at the page trying to tell what was different, it was like the page had gotten a new haircut. 🙂

  11. Jamie

    Yay, finally we find out what was in the bag! Awww, so cute 🙂 And of course, Raji would think he was the Prince, lol. Mike’s reply to that was great.
    Love the dialogue on this page! I do like the new line work for the spirits, too.

    Hey guys, I know this is off-topic, but have ya’ll pre-ordered your copy of Artifice yet? There’s still time to get one from Alex’s Kickstarter. I just wanted to remind ya’ll since it’s been a little hectic lately for the two of you.

  12. Kyren

    I can tell the difference with the color, but I like it, especially in terms of the spirits. Both their brightness along with the thinner inking on them gives them a great otherworldly sense. Usually artists try to do that by spirits a faded look and I love how the spirits just pop on the scree.

  13. CarbonCopy

    Okay, I love this page! Kitty cat! And you say there’s prints of the boys’ transformation pages? Are you only selling them at Cons? Or will they appear in the online store too? Because if they’ll be sold online too, I will entirely pardon any past or future delays in posting, provided the comic gets finished. *fangirling*

    I wish I could to go to Sakura Con this year, but I haven’t got the money and besides that, I just had my wisdom teeth pulled, so the left side of my face looks like someone hit me hard enough to turn it black and blue before surgically implanting a golf ball under the skin of my cheek, which means I do not want to appear in public right now. I don’t think there’s a cosplay in the world that could work with my swollen face.

    • Anti-Form

      If you do video game cosplay, you could totally do Edna from Bully.

  14. The Doctor
    The Doctor

    I name this feline FLUFFYKINSPOOPSIENOSE.

    Because that name is fantastic.

  15. Devo

    KITTEH!! <3<3<3

  16. Akiko

    YAY! New Page! 😀

  17. Ros

    just got home from AB with my copies of the first 3 chapters and resisting the urge to cackle maniacally.

    • JadePrince

      <3<3!! Thank you so much for supporting us by picking up the comic at AB, and for reading and generally being awesome. Seriously, you and the others who stopped by and said nice things really helped make AB an amazing con for me! ;_; *happy tears*!!

  18. Marfisa

    I think Raji just belatedly realized that either a) he’s allergic to cats or b) if he gets stuck keeping the kitten in his room, it might shed on or shred all his painstakingly prepared Autumn Ingenue costumes.

  19. avafreak

    this is my first time reading this, after getting your info at Anime Boston, and HOLY CRAP IT IS AWESOME!!! i absolutely love it!! can’t wait for more! 🙂

    • JadePrince

      Thank you so much for stopping by at AB and for giving the comic a shot (and for saying such nice things about it too, wahhh)! 😀 With any luck we’ll have a new page up later this week. 🙂 <3

  20. Lauren

    I was so happy to see you at Sakura Con!!!! I love your comic!

  21. Tidal

    Looks like they found their team pet.

  22. Naleh

    You don’t know how panicked you guys made me at sakuracon when you told me I was 60 pages behind. Glad it was closer to 6 than 60. ^_^

  23. unnoticedTurmoil

    keep him keep him keephimkeephimkeephim

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