Sitting in the airport in Seattle, waiting for my flight back to Oakland after spending a week here in Seattle! I just finished up at Sakura Con after going to Emerald City Comic Con last weekend and staying for a total of ten days. Although I had a ton of work I had to do, I managed to get out a little during the week and get a feel for the city and fell completely in love with Seattle. The food is great, the public market is to die for, people are friendly, the Puget Sound is BEAUTIFUL, the air is crisp and the city is so clean! Of course, the weather was lovely most of the time I was here and while there’s a part of me that thinks I would love to live here, after a few weeks of VERY COLD RAIN I probably wouldn’t be so enthusiastic. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time, Seattle!

Sakura Con was SO AWESOME! I was fortunate enough to be able to spend most of the weekend with some of my favorite people/comic artists. I was delighted to get to the con and discover that we were set up next to Minor Acts of Heroism, and proceeded to be a squirmy little fan spaz at them for the entire con. I was also delighted to once again be able to see and chat with our friends over at Decalzilla. After hours, I spent almost all of my time with the lovely ladies of Teahouse fame as well as the extremely talented Chloe, artist for Two Keys/Honeydew Syndrome. Next year at Sakura Con, we’ve arranged to all be seated together to form a BOY LOVE TRIFECTA OF DOOM. I met so many new people and picked up several new comics, including meeting Cari who does Toilet Genie and reading Fox Sister (READ IT RIGHT NOW OMG.) Meanwhile, JD had a full workload at Anime Boston and got to see such talented artists as our good friends Jadiekins, Nakira and Kori, creator of Prince of Cats. Thanks so much everyone for being such great friends and making our conventions so much fun!

And thank all of YOU so much for coming to see us at the cons! We both have never had so many people come see us at the booth and we sold nearly every copy of the books we had at both cons! We feel really guilty that we didn’t have any freebies that we could give to you guys! What we did do was make some print versions of the transformation wallpapers that I recently put together — and yes, we’ll make those available for those of you who’d like to order them through the web site later this week. 🙂 We’ve got a little time at home, finally and thankfully so we’ll be busting our butts to get new pages done for you guys! Thank you as always for being so patient while our lives have been in a state of flux for the last six months. The support and appreciation and kind words we’ve received about the comic are just overwhelming.

We’ll check in again later this week and in one last shout out, a huge congratulations to our buddy Alex for raising over $35,000(!!!) through Kickstarter to print his incredible story, Artifice. The funding ends in ONE HOUR so you still have a chance to get in on the action!