Oh god it was nice to be home for a weekend. I ALMOST took a last minute trip to C2E2 last weekend but since I’ve been away from home for like 20 days of the last six weeks, I felt like I deserved to take a weekend off. We’re finally starting to settle in our new place in the Bay Area — and it’s finally stopped raining for us long enough to enjoy it. As you may know, we moved from the gay neighborhood in uptown San Diego to the suburbs outlying San Francisco. This week I used a lawn mower, a weed whacker and a rake (yes, really) for the first time in my life. Everything is delightfully green here and it’s going to be great to actually be able to garden. Now if I just wasn’t TERRIFIED OF BEES.

We ARE going to be making a last minute trip this weekend to Bakersfield this weekend to attend Bak Anime on April 22nd! We’ve sold out of comics and buttons for now but we’ll have our badges, posters and a bunch of new designs. (Rewatching Supernatural has had a bad influence.)

So glad you guys are enjoying our new kitty friend so far. It’s been torture to keep him under wraps. 😀