Well HERE’S a twist! A page EARLY? We’re trying our hardest to get our pages out on time, even when we’re en route to a convention — I’m writing this on a plane, in fact. This weekend Dusty will be at Anime Central aka Acen in Chicago! (Between this and Wizard World Chicago, I spend a lot of time in the Rosemont convention center…)

We have some bad news for Shounen Fight readers who might be hoping to pick up some books at the con… we are SO CLOSE to being sold out of everything for the moment. We’ve got TWO copies of books 1 and 2 and NO copies of book 3 for this con. ;_; Sadly (and also not at all) between Anime Boston, Emerald City Comic Con and Sakura Con, we sold a ton of books and unfortunately haven’t had the funds for order more. D: We do have some en route though so you’ll be able to order online again soon. We also for the moment have sold out of buttons and we may not make those again, other than possible freebies. Instead, we’re going to be looking at making higher-quality, die-cut cel phone charms/keychains. What we DO have for the convention since we love having free gifts for our readers who come by the table, is stickers! Come by the booth and just tell us you read the comic and you get your choice of one of six designs. Just remember that if you want to get BOOKS, hurry over first thing on Friday! We’ve also got prints of our first three transformation sequences (and yes, I’ll try to get those added to the store soon for those of you who want to order them) AND a few leftover copies of the Raji drag-pinup print that came with chapter 3 preorders.

Way to go all of you who anticipated the first three name guesses for our new little friend. Who wants Teacup plushes? Stay tuned in the not-too-distant future.