THAT’S A WRAP FOLKS! Another chapter down and four chibi comics coming your way! We’ll have two of those a week for the next 2 weeks. And yes, we’ve been asked about Olly over and over… the next chapter is his so you’ll get your ginger fix.

Time for us to start working on a new cover and preorders for book 4 will be soon!

We’ve got a new incentive up on TWC! Vote for us to see Winter’s human version. That’s one sexy androgyne.

This weekend we’ll BOTH (a rare occurrence these days) be at a convention together! We’ll be at Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose. Check out our first row view of the Avengers exhibit!

NEXT weekend is Fanime which we’re a little bummed about… We’ve been in Fanime’s artist alley for eight years in a row and for the first time, we got waitlisted. 🙁 We’ll be at the convention and if we get really lucky, a table will open up and we’ll be able to open shop. Cross your fingers for us!