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  1. Suhndog

    Very nice cover!! OMG– Mike’s ‘stance’ sure looks like the one used on Naruto – um, eh.. the one where he gets poked in the butt and goes flying!! Is there a correlation? eeks! LOL =3

  2. girl_with_all_the_yarn

    The cover is lovely.

    Also, I have a friend who works in a psychiatric hospital. She claims that pilling unhappy patients is easier than pilling unwilling cats. Good luck to you on that front.

  3. David

    Myst (is she named after the computer game?) looks like she is saying, “I will kill you. I will kill you until you die, and then I will kill you again.”

    • JadePrince

      Myst gives us that look a lot, lol. And no, she’s not named after the game, Dusty was just a kid who thought spelling “mist” with a “y” would be “cool”. XD

  4. Milly

    My cat Lulu was just the same with the cone round her head, she kept getting caught on the doors and when she looked down and walked she almost fell over herself, its hard not to have a little giggle at it even after what she had to go through, i mean it was only being spayed but still >w<

  5. donbionicle

    SO I just found and got caught up on this, and holy crap is this cool.
    BTW, dat cat. So adorable.

    • JadePrince

      Thanks for giving the comic a shot! 😀 Heee, glad you like Teacup. :3 <3

  6. Kisa_4

    Awesome!!! I love this comic, this has to be the fifth time I’ve read it over! XD I can’t wait till the 5!! Oliver is so freaking cute!! And so is Alex/yuki!! So freaking cute!! X3 Thank you so much for drawing this!

    ~ME!!! ;D

    • JadePrince

      Thank you so much for reading!! I’m glad you like Oliver– I hope you like the next chapter! 😀

  7. David

    July 6th… the anticipation is driving me crazy.

  8. B3nc0

    My, my, MY, /MY/ it’s the 6th!!!

    Can’t wait, HEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! =°]

  9. Jamie D
    Jamie D

    Is it the 6th yet? It is? Yay!! *bounces up and down in the chair*
    Aww, your kitty don’t look too happy right now. But she sure is a cutie 😀

  10. DustyJack

    Argh, sorry for the delay, guys >< Was trying my best to bust it out tonight but I'm falling asleep on my tablet. Tomorrow, it will be up though! <3

  11. B3nc0

    That’s alright: the anticipation will make it even more gleefull ♥_♥

    & after all, I still haven’t said how great the cover was, so we’re even: it’s dangerously cutey great b^^d

  12. Brighton

    Oh NO
    Please don’t let Alex be a bad guy please no.
    I’m getting bad vibes and I hope I’m crazy.

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