We’ve got a new Shounen Fight book in the works! We’re taking preorders for book four of MSF, Emancipation Infiltration until July 3rd. If you’ve been waiting to pick up our silly magical boy comedy, this is a great time to do it! You can get all four books for $24 and you get a free set of magnets! Or if you’re already collecting our comics, single books are $6. By preordering (either a bundle or a single book), you will get for free a bookmark featuring Yuki’s recently revealed battle costume! Shounen Fight is on hiatus until we get back from Anime Expo but we’re stoked to start chapter 5!The orders are being processed through our new, single store where things are really easy to navigate! Aside from being able to get Shounen Fight goodies, you can also pick up Scuttlebutt badges, posters and prints

Speaking of Anime Expo, IT’S IN TWO DAYS OMG. We’ve got a LOT of new stuff from last year! Like all of our popular Supernatural designs and a brand-spanking-new poster featuring the cast of Firefly. New commissions are still closed while we finally finish up our insane wait list — including you last folks who ordered original pieces from LAST Anime Expo. We’ll have most of those available for pick up AT AX. If you’re going to be at the con and are waiting for a commission, stop by the booth to pick it up or get a status update. Any commissions not picked up, we’ll be shipping out when we get back from the con.

Aside from the usual Scuttlebutt paraphenalia, we’ll have lots of Shounen Fight goodies, including the new book, magnets and prints of the boys’ magical transformations

We’re in the far LEFT side of the AX artist alley, in the very back, on the end across from the concessions. Make sure to stop by and if you’re reading our comic, let us know and you’ll get a free sticker!

The next big one is THE BIG ONE! San Diego Comic Con! This year at SDCC we are super thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting Shounen Fight with Prism Comics! If you’re not familiar with Prism, they’re a non profit organization that is all about LGBT comics and their creators and readers. They offer a yearly grant for queer comic creators, publish an annual guide to LGBT comics AND have a fantastic booth at San Diego Comic Con. We’re ironing out the final details but we’ll keep you updated with the final location — AND we’ll be sure to have a Comic Con exclusive or two for those of you who can make it by!

As for the rest of the summer, extremely saddened to say that we’re not going to be able to make it to a couple of the regulars. Unfortunately, Otakon and New York Comic Con have switched things up in their artist alleys this year, rendering us unable to attend. On the other hand, we ARE excited to be hitting some conventions that we’ve beeing trying to make it to for years! San Japan in San Antonio and Nan Desu Kan in Denver, we’re looking at you!