SO HERE’S THE THING. We’re working hard on the next page, but both of us ended up under the weather after Comic Con, so getting anything done has been something of a challenge this last week. On top of that, we’re trying to slowly step up our game in terms of the quality of the art/coloring here, but that means the pages are taking us longer than before and we’re still working out a schedule so that the pages aren’t SUPER LATE like this week. D:

We hope you’ll forgive us and stick with us and in the meantime here are some puppies and kittens to tide you over/appease you until the page is finished. Teacup you already know, but this here is Fuji-san, the Bernese Mountain Dog that has his home with Yuki’s family. 🙂 Chihiru calls him Fuji-san-chan. He’s been around since Yuki was little and he is great at being a big fluffy ball of hugs.

Thank you everyone for reading, for those who’ve stuck around since the start and those who’ve only recently stumbled on it and decided to give our little comic a shot! And welcome to those who discovered us at Comic Con! With any luck we’ll be hanging with Prism Comics ( at more cons in the future!

Stay tuned for the next page~!