Well this week has been an eventful one for us… because there’s a new addition to the Scuttlebutt family! We’ve been waiting for a couple of years wanting a dog, but not having the right living situation for one. After thinking about getting a puppy, we settled instead on looking for an adult dog that needed a home. After some searching, we met this guy and we’re pretty in love. But here’s the awkward thing. His name is Oliver. YEAH. I KNOW. But we didn’t want to change it since he’s been through a lot… and it just fits him. We lucked out big time finding this guy — he was a stray when his foster parent found him about six months ago but just the most mellow, polite, friendly dog you can imagine. So say hi to the OTHER Oliver, guys!

This weekend, JD is in San Antonio for San Japan! If you’re there, be sure to stop by the booth and ask for free stickers!