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  1. Regentine

    Supposedly the secret to good poi is sugar.

    Yes, the cane kind…that grows in Hawaii…well USED to be grown in Hawaii.

    Then again, I’m Portuguese, so I don’t know how far my fact goes…>.>

  2. Silfedac

    Euch, poi. I enjoy a nice taro pie as much as the next guy, but poi is just terrible.

  3. Nordlicht

    Do you really mean “Brotwurst”? I had to google it, but it actually exists. O_o

  4. SoenKai

    It exists, but it’s actually called “Bratwurst” like in “braten” -> to fry and “Wurst” -> sausage [of course]. XD like it’s spelled right now it would be translated as bread-sausage… wich indeed doesn’t exist actually. ;3

    • Nordlicht

      It exists! That’s what suprised me.
      My first thought was “They wrote Bratwurst wrong.”, but I found recipes of bread-sausage. XD

      • Amilian

        it should be called bratwurst. i’m german and nobody here says brotwurst ^^ ..that sounds wrong to me.

  5. HawaiianGurl

    P-p-pppppppoi? *inwardly screams with joy* AND SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~! OWO

  6. Jepmz

    Oh dang, I checked out the wiki and I really want to try Tahitian po’e!! That sounds so delicious

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