Wish we’d had the time to do some holiday art, but it’s been a crazy one for us. What we are doing though, is having a sale until the new year! Our badges, posters and prints are marked down AND we’re taking some commissions!

Tis the season to get in nonsense arguments about who would win in a fight: Raptor Jesus or Kwanzabot. I think we all know the answer, and to celebrate, have some holiday savings!

We’re doing a few new things for the holidays this year! Now that we’ve got the whole Scuttlebutt store set up on Storenvy, it’s easier for us to run this sort of thing, yay. Like each year, we’re offering 8 badges for $20. But we’re also offering 20% off all of our prints and posters — including our popular Toph vs. Weeping Angels poster. Give Christmas to someone you love in the knowledge that Toph will keep you safe from the angels.

We’re ALSO taking some commissions! OMG!! We know a lot of you have been waiting for the chance to get some original art from us and while we’re not doing watercolors, we are opening up a few slots for digital commissions. We’re doing busts for $20 or a pair of busts for $40 which you can get as a simple digital file or have us make you a badge or a print out of it.

Hard to believe that 2012 is almost over and that tomorrow is the end of the world. It’s been another hard year on the road for us, relying on you lot to keep us fed, and we can’t be more grateful for you. We’ve had tons of great experiences this year and met SO many incredible people. We explored a lot more of the comic book side of the convention circuit in 2012, including exhibiting at Emerald City Comic Con, Phoenix CC and most exciting, at San Diego Comic Con with Prism comics. (We’re going to be back again next year, yay!)

Our biggest adventure in 2012 was our move up from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area, the decision of which we made almost exactly a year ago. It’s been a big change and a great experience — we’re not even afraid of the sounds anymore in the big quiet suburbs after our urban lifestyle. We added a wonderful dog to our life and built ourselves an awesome studio in our new home. (Seriously, we’ll have to put up some photos sometime.) We’ve had lots of set-backs and lots of struggles in these last few years but we love what we’re doing and you all make it worth it! We hope you’ll stick with us to see what we’ve got planned for 2013. (If 2012 doesn’t end in fiery armageddon, anyway.)

We’ve got a bunch of conventions for next year already booked, including BakAnime in Bakersfield next month Jan 20, and then coming up in March, we’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con and Sakura Con in Seattle, as well as Kawaii Kon in Honolulu. We’re also confirmed for Acen, Big Wow San Jose, Phoenix Comic Con, Denver Comic Con, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con. Be sure to tell us if you find a convention you want to see us at because we’re always on the look out for new places to visit!

For those of you following our comic, Shounen Fight, you’ve no doubt noticed our poor update schedule and for that, we can’t apologize enough. Never think that we’ve given up on our comic, we just have more on our plates then we can handle sometimes and are doing our best to make our update schedule more regular and on time. We had been hoping to start doing the fund-raising for the big Shounen Fight compilation book this month (which you heard about if you were at Daishocon) but after some deliberation we’ve decided that we want to put some work into bettering the comic all around before we start asking you for money. We are VERY excited about putting together our big book though and all the extra stuff that will be in it for you, so we’ll be proudly announcing our Kickstarter project as soon as we’ve got a more solid date. We thank you so much for your support on our project, 2012 was full of meeting amazing fans and people we’ve talked to online for some time! We’re super lucky that we have the opportunity to get around the country to see all you awesome people.

Hopefully your 2012 was full of joy and 2013 brings you even more. Happy holidays and we’ll see you out there!