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  1. wandering-dreamer

    Sooo what exactly happened did the girl turn into a rat? Spilt in half into a rat? The progression of that panel is a bit unclear….

    • DustyJack

      It’s a transformation, so the rat took her over like the monster in the last chapter. :3

    • Akiko

      I thought it was pretty clear > <

  2. kurobizzle

    Well… that escalated quickly.

  3. James

    Wait…is Oliver gonna finally get his talent? YYYYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!

  4. Momorikku

    Gyah! Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t see that coming.

    More please!

  5. Ribbon

    Guys, I feel like you’re trying to do too much in one update lately- the story is feeling rushed when read in one sitting, especially this chapter. There have been walls of texts and info dumping, and the abruptness isn’t something that was present earlier one. I can’t help thinking this is because of the sporadic scheduling, but I don’t think the pacing should have to suffer- Just take your time!

    • DustyJack

      I’ll admit, this is definitely a problem we’ve been having with this chapter. We’ve got a lot to fit into this one, especially that exposition info dumping stuff. And yeah, there’s a lot of pressure to make every page count and get you guys new information with each page, especially when we’re only able to get 2 pages done a month. 🙁 But yeah, definitely after looking at it as a whole, it is more rushed than our other chapters. Once we finish it up and it’s getting ready to print, we may end up tweaking things a little to slow down the pacing and avoid that whole wall-of-text situation.

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Insightful stuff like this from our readers is really important for us to improve as comic artists and to make the story better as we go along. <3

  6. alurker

    Well, that was the creepiest damn transformation scene I’ve ever seen. 🙂
    And Olly’s the prince? Uh-oh….

  7. KiannaLeigh

    Olly is the prince! Yay! Also, never trust a Parisian mouse who interrupts your coffee-sipping in a dream. A good dream-bound Parisian mouse would NEVER interrupt your coffee-sipping.

  8. ajax0407

    Hmmm, is Olly really the Prince or did the Prince-detecting-dessert get set off inadvertently because he has a spirit? Either way the bright pink aura really suits him =P

  9. Marfisa

    So did the girl never exist at all, or does the giant rat creature have her stashed in a cupboard or something so it can trick Oliver by impersonating her?

    • ajax0407

      I’d guess that the rat-thing is possessing the real girl, like the plant was controlling the hippie last time. Call an exorcist!

      • DustyJack


        • ajax0407

          It’s surprisingly easy to spot this phenomenon after watching several seasons of Sailor Moon… XD

  10. Katelyn

    So is Oliver the lost prince the plant-demon-lady-hippie-thingy was looking for? Have to say, it’s fitting, seeing as he’s the British avatar of Spring. XD

  11. Vik-Thor Rose
  12. Jerohan

    Sh*t just got real…

  13. B3nc0

    Does someone know something about Bob (Shobana) author of the webcomic Demon of the Underground which should have updated one week or two months ago either you consider the announced end of hiatus to be read feb 4th or the 2d of april… Being without news since the end of January we, readers, are quite worried. HEEEEEELP‼

  14. sparkles

    When is the next page gonna be up? I’ve been waiting to see Oliver transform.

    • DustyJack

      Sorry we’ve been gone so long! 🙁 We’re still a few weeks away from being able to come back, thanks to JD’s school workload. But we’re chomping at the bit to update again!

  15. James

    I’m with sparkles. This is the best webcomic I read (I read like 10 or so, so small field, but my favorite). Missing the updates.

    • DustyJack

      Thank you so much for your kind words! ;_; We’re dying to get back to the comic too, just have to get through JD’s horrible semester of school.

  16. Cookhays


    • DustyJack

      Thank you for loving ussss ;_; We hope your wait will pay off <3

  17. Matt

    OMFG I just saw ask mahoshonen on tumblr and I say olly has the same B-day as me! Also, I heard JD is out of school now so i hope u guys update soon!

  18. Jamie

    Hmm, still busy with school? Try not to work yourselves too hard!

    Oh and if ya’ll hadn’t heard, Alex Woolfson is doing a Kickstarter for “The Young Protectors”!
    Here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alexwoolfson/the-young-protectors-vol-1-0

  19. Puck

    Oh god. -eyetwitch- I … I love rats, I do, they’re adorable, but the pastry cook in me was screaming at the LAST page when I saw her wearing her hair down. This one …. -shudder- NO RATS IN THE KITCHEN! ITS NOT SANITARY! And I will smack a bitch if her nails (claws?) are painted.

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