This update isn’t just with an illustration, we have a short story for you too! Many times on our Ask Mahou Shounen tumblr, we’ve been asked about how Alex and Yuki’s first date went. Well, here you go. We had a lot of fun writing this. It’s titled Burgers. Because we typed ‘burgers’ so many times that the word stopped having meaning. When you do typesetting a lot, that’s how words start looking — not like words but just squiggles that need to look pretty.

Anyway, with this we are delighted to kick off Shounen Fight getting back on track!!! We are currently working on the next page after a very long and difficult hiatus. We’ll give you a run down on where we’ve been the last six months or so along with the next update.

This month we were able to get back on the road a little bit and it was great meeting readers in Phoenix, Denver and Dallas! We are soooo excited to bring you more of our comic this summer — including Olly’s transformation which is just a breath away.

Thank you all so much for your patience and sticking with our comic!!