FIVE YEARS, YOU GUYS!!! Five years we’ve been waiting to reveal this! XD WE’VE GOT A TEAM!!!

Big version~

And the timing couldn’t be better! July is going to be INSANE for us!! Prepare for us to smother you with our love because we are getting ready to tackle our first Kickstarter project! We’re going to be raising funds to release the first volume of Mahou Shounen Fight. With your help, we’ll be able to print a fancy shmancy comic tome with the first five chapters of MSF and a TON of extra content. We’re aiming to start the campaign right before San Diego Comic Con.

Of course, tackling raising $9,000 would just be too easy without planning two HUGE conventions in the middle of it. But we are so looking forward to spending time with readers at the July cons this year!! Between Anime Expo and SDCC, we’ll have quite a few special goodies.

At this point, we’re unfortunately still tied to our schedules so we won’t be able to lay down a solid update schedule at this point. We definitely won’t be able to update before Anime Expo. But if you come by at AX, you can see Oliver’s costume AHEAD OF RELEASE! For the first time, we’ll be able to display all of our insane, glitter soaked transformation as prints. Like these! Don’t forget to tell us that you’re a reader because we love you all so we bring free stickers for you. <3 San Diego Comic Con is gonna be our BIG EVENT! If all goes according to plan, we'll be diving in to our Kickstarter fundraising. This will let us talk to folks at the show about our project AND take pledges through our ipad! We'll have SDCC exclusive gifts for all our readers AND we'll have an SDCC exclusive gift for pledging on the Kickstarter. We haven't sorted out what all these goodies will be yet, but we will be in touch as the con draws nearer. We're so excited about working with Prism Comics again! we'll be at the booth each day for 4 hours. Even though we'll be working on getting the book out early next year, we'll still be carrying some of our single comics of books 1-4 if you just can't wait to hold that sweet glossy paper.