WOW! A lot has happened since our last email, friends! First of all, we MET our $9,000 goal to print our comic, Mahou Shounen FIGHT! YAY!! Right now we have raised $11,213. We can’t thank all of you who’ve pledged enough, this is huge for us!

Now we’re on a crazy mission to raise ANOTHER $5,787 in the next SIX DAYS to bring us to a final goal of $17,000. If we reach that, we will be able to make PLUSHES of Mahou Shounen FIGHT!’s adorable and slightly horrifying animal mascot, TEACUP!

You can keep track of the project’s ultimate progress AND all of the voting, whether you are a backer or not here:

So far, we’ve hit TWO of our stretch goals!

The first goal was for $10k where we would make an extra comic for the book that YOU would construct with us. If you are a backer, be sure to use the MAGICAL BACKER EXCLUSIVE VOTING MACHINE to pick the topic of this extra comic! It only takes a $1 pledge to vote so even if you can’t afford a book, you can take part in the fun!

The second goal we met was $11K. This means we’re going to be getting some guest art from an INCREDIBLE guy. Ben Juwono, creator of We’re All in this Together is one of the most talented people we know. Go check him out on Deviant Art and thank him for contributing to Volume 1 of Mahou Shounen FIGHT!

Ben’s also got a 2013 sketchbook out that is exquisite and you should totally order it. This guy’s skill and imagination will blow your mind. We are SO FREAKING EXCITED to see what he comes up with for our book!!

We are making progress, you guys! We really want to believe we can make it up to that $17K mark. We’ll be chained up in our studio for the next six days, trying to get the word out — AND working on the next page of MSF! which JD is inking right now!

We hope you’ll help us by spreading the word! One of the best things you can do is follow us on tumblr and REBLOG as many Kickstarter updates as possible!! The more often people see those reblogs, the more likely they are to give it a click! Likes don’t spread the word but REBLOGS do.

If you are a backer, keep an eye out for the emails about VOTING and if you haven’t voted already, check in the Kickstarter’s UPDATES to get instructions on how to get to our special members-only site.

Thanks for sticking with us through this, readers! SIX MORE DAYS!