So this is a work in progress but we wanted to get it up. It still needs a lot of shading so it’ll look better later.

WOW YOU GUYS!!! OUR KICKSTARTER ENDS TONIGHT!!! Right now we are $586 away from being able to make TEACUP PLUSHES! You only have 9 more hours to participate in this project which includes taking part in the voting on the extra content that’ll go in the book. Even if you can’t afford a book, a $1 pledge gets you in on ALL the voting this fall and just $5 will get you a digital copy of the book so you can SEE all that extra content.

At the moment, we’re voting on the first extra comic and the first extra novel that will be in the book. So far, ‘Boys Night Out’ is winning in the comic poll and ‘Water Park’ is way in the lead for the novel poll. Wow, apparently you just want these boys to have fun! How touching. (Yeah right, you all want bathing suits you perverts.)

Please check out our central command status page to see the voting results!

TONIGHT WE ARE HAVING A VERY SPECIAL EVENT! We are having a THREE HOUR Livestream to celebrate the end of our Kickstarter. We’ll be there hanging out for the evening to keep an eye on the last minute fundraising and to have Q+A with those of you who can make it. Come by and ask us questions about MSF or us or conventions or our cats or carnivorous plants! We hope you can make it cause we LOVE talking to our readers!

You guys are all amazing and we are SO GRATEFUL for you and all the support you’ve given to us for SO LONG! This is going to be a HUGE boost for Shounen FIGHT and for our careers and our LIFE together. We are so lucky to have you all.

This is where you’ll find us! See you there and see you soon with LOTS MORE INFO about the Kickstarter!