WAO! This is our first update since the Kickstarter ended! In case you managed to miss our constant downpour of tweets and tumblr updates, in the end we raised $18,100 to print MSF!’s first volume AND make plushies of Teacup! Both of these are available for preorder (the book here and the plush here) and will be available up until they’re ready to ship. The book will be going out in April of next year but the plush we’re not sure about the time frame on yet. We’re working with a designer friend now to pattern it but until we’re further along, we won’t be able to get a ship date from the manufacturer. But we’ll keep you updated.

Thank you once again for SO MUCH support and making it such a success!

So since it ended, it’s been back to business as usual (after about 3 days of solid sleep) and we’re now going to get back on track and tear through the rest of this chapter!

Next weekend we are AT TWO CONVENTIONS!!! Dusty is going to be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta where we will be attending FOR THE FIRST TIME! We’re working with a friend of ours so if you want to find us, look for Brick by Brick on the map. Meanwhile, JD is going to Vancouver, WA for our third year at Kumoricon, which is a fantastic con! Look forward to seeing you northwesterners again and meeting lots of new people on the east coast. 😀