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  1. ajax0407

    I really hope magical gir- I mean, boy superheroes do frequent laundy, otherwise that particular ‘transformation item’ is going to smell pretty awful. But then at least it doesn’t have to sit in Usagi’s cleavage every day!

  2. David

    They’re boys… what do you think?

  3. kapi

    Oh my god, Mike’s shining butt xD For his sake, I hope normals can’t see that!
    and Yuki’s squished face in that last panel made me laugh out loud x’3

  4. Subaru

    lol, Mike’s glowing magic butt XD

    Ya know, this thing kinda makes me wish there was a crossover between the Maho Shonen boys and Sailor moon somewhere out there XD


    i was just wondering, what if Mike farted with his twinlke booty? would he fart a cloud of glitter?

    • Sparkles

      *does a spit take with soda* Is it a bad thing that I can totally see that happening?

  6. That one guy from Daisho-con
    That one guy from Daisho-con

    Despite the horrible implications of Mike’s laundry… can we focus on the circles? the shading with circles is really cool. I’m not sure how much I like it, but I haven’t seen it before.

    • darkgloomie

      I’m pretty sure Mike was shown washing the underwear daily, or at the very least he went home and washed it personally after his first transformation.

    • Anne

      The circles in the shading *are* awesome! They’ve been around since the beginning, but it seems like a good opportunity to say, yeah, that’s a really cool effect! 🙂

  7. JepMZ

    OOh you girls! Have you ever considered pitching to Cartoon Hangover to make this into a TV series ? the producer is the one responsible for Adventure Time. I mean… most likely, the art style would drastically change to something unrecognizable, and you probably can’t write allll of the episodes. You might even have to resort pitching a clone of this. But it’d be sooo cool this show exist!

    • DustyJack

      Thank you so much for such a kind comment! We’ve got some great feedback about the idea of MSF! as an animated series and it certainly is something that we would consider under the right conditions. However, doing it under Cartoon Hangover wouldn’t really be up our alley simply because they have a very specific flavor which we love but we’re very dedicated to our style and aesthetic. Otherwise it just wouldn’t feel like Shounen FIGHT.

  8. Sus and sus
    Sus and sus

    Please don’t make us wait for the next page in five years

  9. Mersang

    I love how Raj just smooshes the other two into an artistic trio-pose in the last panel.

    The circle-shading is a really interesting technique with which I, too, shall have to experiment.

    • genaric name
      genaric name

      it’s raji.

      • Mersang

        I know. That was a typo. This format doesn’t allow for editing after posting and I didn’t proofread it as well as I should have.

        • DustyJack

          Don’t worry we don’t mind Raj as a nickname for Raji :3

  10. LazyReader

    Is it just me, or can none of them effectively run in those shoes.

    • DustyJack

      I love this comment. I never thought of this. Just another way Oliver’s costume is way more functional and pragmatic. What a brat.

  11. Trollatar

    “Help, I’m a firefly!”

  12. Jamie D
    Jamie D

    Just watched the DragonLair stream for the Business panel. Ya’ll were great! I’m gonna watch again later too.

  13. Jamie D
    Jamie D

    Btw, my friend who is thinking of writing a webcomic was freaking out trying to take notes. Apparently ya’ll gave some really good advice.
    Oh, Jas says “Thank you and LOVElove your work!”

    • DustyJack

      Awww thanks for watching Jamie!! Tell your friend thanks and good luck on their project!

      • Jamie D
        Jamie D

        I will. Oh and just got my nephew’s poster in the mail today. It’s gorgeous! I know he’s gonna love it too. Lol, might have to buy myself one. 🙂

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